in them jeans

It’s no secret that I’ve been “shrinking”.

The last time I bought a pair of new skinny jeans, was back in November.

Just before Thanksgiving. Was excited because I was back down to a size 6.

…at least in American Eagle Outfitter jeans.

i know you can't see the jeans...but it looks pretty fitted, right?

Then, I kid you not…

a couple of weeks later, I noticed how loosely they were fitting on me.

I thought to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I cannot be shrinking THAT fast.”

Yeah… $50 not-so-skinny jeans gone to waste.

But I still use them. I’m just always pulling them up…and sometimes even wear a belt.

Which is why I’ve decided I’m not going to buy any new jeans until I’m done shrinking.

But I need new jeans.

And that’s when the lightbulb went off in my head.

I had saved all my old favorite jeans from like 6 years ago.

…and they were packed away in storage.

So a couple of days ago, I made my husband climb up into the attic and bring ’em down.

Hollister on the Left; American Eagle on the Right

Both jeans actually fit a little loose, too. Especially at the waist.

But it’s awesome that I can fit into them again!!!

And just so you don’t think I’m fibbing about the weight loss, I do have some pics of me in the jeans I wore when I was at my heaviest.

Exhibit A

This was taken in the Summer of 2010.

And no this was not photoshop’ed.

Now check this out…

Me wearing the same pair of jeans now.

side view

This is my version of the “boyfriend” jean…

front view

It still amazes me at how much I’ve lost/toned up in the past 6 months.

It is possible. You have no idea how many times I felt discouraged because I wasn’t seeing results right away.

But hard work pays off.

The proof is in them jeans.



Lean. Clean. Green.

These 3 words…

Almost as important as “I love you.”


So what’s so great about these 3 words?

Eating a lean, clean, and green dinner every night for the past 6 months
…in addition to working out 6-7 days a week is how I was able to
shed the extra pounds and TONE UP!!!

If you haven’t already seen my pics on FB and/or Twitter…
here it is AGAIN!!!

My dinner. Tada!!!

I know it doesn’t look that exciting…

But let me assure you, it was YUMMY!!!

Most of my meals are plain and simple. No artificial flavoring…
everything seasoned with natural herbs & spices.

And NO processed carbs!!!

The simpler, the better….right?

Anyway, I will try to post up more interesting meals.

Been checking out new recipes I want to try in the future.

Should be exciting! 🙂


Got any healthy and YUMMY recipes you’d like to share?

baby steps

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you know that I’ve talked about wanting to run complete a marathon before I croak.

And if you really know me, you know that I’ve never ran a race like that before.

I’m talkin’ about running the entire race. Not run/walk.

So I’m thinkin’ that maybe before I jump into running a marathon, I should start off with the small races.

And when I say small…I mean something like this:

For more info on the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women event, click here.

I’m super excited to be doing it this year.

I’ve even convinced a few of my girlfriends to join me!!! 🙂

Should be fun!!!


Who wants to run with me?

Last Night’s Workout

Ran 5k on the treadmill and beat my time from my last run by 2 minutes!

Completed it in 28 minutes. I know that’s still slow…
But you gotta understand… that is a HUGE accomplishment for me!

I went from being a non-runner (especially long distance running) to being able to run/jog straight through without stopping…
yeah I’d say 28 minutes is major. 🙂

It’s very addicting. The whole idea that you have the power to push yourself to the limits and see results…
makes you just wanna keep going!

Anyway, enough about that.

Afterwards, I did these workouts:

TIU’s Best Circuit Workout

TIU’s Bikini Beach Bum Workout

TIU’s itty bitty BIKINI Workout

Lean Legs Pyramid:

20 squats
30 lunges
40 toe touches
50 sec wall sit
100 seconds of jumping jacks (or 100 jumping jacks)
50 sec wall sit
40 toe touches
30 curtsy lunges
20 squats

Then did this 3x:

20 crisscrossed tummy tucks
30 second plank


Pretty good workout, right?

Bikini season is right around the corner and I will be ready! 🙂

never say never


Never liked it growing up.

Actually didn’t like a lot of the foods that I eat now.

But yogurt… I’m pretty picky with flavors.

I usually stick to the mixed berry yogurts.

So I tried Chobani’s Blueberry Greek Yogurt at the start of my “eat clean” journey

….and DID NOT like it at all.

Like other foods, I forced myself to eat the entire thing because I didn’t want it to go to waste.

And I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t enjoy it, especially since everyone is raving about how yummy it is and how healthy it is for you!

So I decided I wasn’t gonna go down like that.

I tried again. This time with one of my favorite flavors…

CHOBANI Greek Yogurt Apple Cinnamon

And I was hooked.

I absolutely LOVED it.

Can’t wait to try the other flavors…


Feeling Inspired

Many of my friends on FB ran the Great Aloha Run today.

For more info on this race, click here.

If you didn’t know, I’m originally from Hawaii. And most of my friends still live in Hawaii.
And my newsfeed has blown up with LOTS of status updates and pics of all those that are participating in this year’s GAR.

Needless to say, I am inspired.

So, I’ve decided… that I want to accomplish this within the next couple of years…

One of my co-workers told me she ran this marathon a few years ago while she was still in high school.
Another friend of mine just completed her first marathon.
Made me want to start training for it. The thing is… I’ve only completed 5K’s.
So running a marathon is HUGE!

Which means I have to really work my way up to it.

My goal? LA Marathon in 2014.

5K’s, 10K’s, and 1 half marathon from now till then.

Seems reasonable, right?

Who wants to join me? 🙂

some goodies…

Spent the day running errands with the hubster.

It was a dear friend’s birthday yesterday and since we didn’t get a chance to visit her yesterday,
we decided to visit with her today.

And we brought her these…

6-pack from Casey's Cupcake

Hubs and I enjoyed our cupcake adventure so much the other night, we thought it would be a perfect gift.
There were 6 cupcakes in there, ALL different flavors:

Cupid’s Chocolatey Coconut Red Velvet
Razzmatazz Raspberry
Scrumptious Cinnamon Sugar
Luscious Lemon
Peanut Butter Pizazz
Vivacious Vanilla

After we visited with them for a few minutes, it was off to Vitamin Shoppe  to purchase some supplements (hub’s not mine).

Next stop: Target.

Had to get some necessities.

…and picked up some goodies.

Almond Coconut Kind Bars

Almond Coconut Kind Bars

LOVE these. A bit on the pricey side, but soooo worth it. They are YUMMY!!!

And I had to pick up some of these…

Peanut Butter Puffins

Been wanting to try the cinnamon flavored one, but can’t find them anywhere!!!
So yummy, and so good for you!
100% natural, low fat, gluten free, very low in sugar in comparison to other cereals…
Ya have to go try some!!!


After running around, we did manage to get a 45 minute workout in at our gym.

The toe I smashed last night is all bruised up, and it hurt when I walked around in shoes…
but I was able to get a mile jog in before hittin’ the weights with the boys.

So that’s my Sunday for ya.

Got any goodies you’d like to share? 🙂