It’s Past Midnight

…and I am still up. I wonder just how well-constructed this blog entry will sound in the morning when I come back to read it. I wonder if some of you think I’m drunk and that I just got in from a night of partying. Me? Party? Yeah, right. I’ve actually been sittin’ on my tush for most of my night, just enjoying some “me” time. Caught up on my shows, Facebooked a little… even had a nice chat with a friend, who kindly reminded me that blog entries don’t just magically write themselves. And to that I replied “they don’t?”

So here we go. A blog post. A million years later. Here’s an update on the happenings in my life since my last rant on the blogosphere. I’m still doin’ the Visual thang (and still lovin’ it), I’ve welcomed 2 new nieces into my world (Ari and Charli, auntie LOVES you ;-)), I’ve had to say farewell to job #2, and I am officially the Grinch of Christmas this year. Well… at work, I am. See, maybe if I had actually done a good job of documenting my life on here, you would know just how much I am over this thing we call the Holiday Season. “Tis the season to be jolly? Nope. No way. Not when I’ve had to deal with Christmas since the beginning of October. Yup, you heard me. I’ve been decorating since October. I’ve had to deal with people tell me it’s too early for Christmas. And I am tired of it. I just want it to be over. All. Of. It.

This week, I actually smiled when I looked at the new directives for what my company is calling the Week of Wonderful. Post Christmas planning already underway and I couldn’t be happier. Christmas? Ba hum bug. Time for something new. Okay, so how weird does it sound when I say that I’m lovin’ Christmas at home? That’s like a whole new level of hypocrisy, no? Or maybe I just have a double personality. Who knows. But I’m lovin’ the Christmas shopping. And no I’m not shopping for myself. What kind of person do you think I am ;-)? I love to give during the holidays. So much that I think we’re breaking the bank this year. We just wanna buy everything for everyone. Oh the joys of Christmas!!!

Okay, so you know it’s late for me when I start to ramble on an on about stuff. So I hope I’m making sense. And if I’m not, I’ll just blame it on the alcohol that I absolutely did NOT drink tonight. Officially “old lady” status, guys. I’m usually in bed by 9pm. My party days ended years ago. And yes I’m very surprised I am still up this late. Like totally wide awake (and yes I just said “like totally” and I don’t care if you judge me for doing so :-P).

Too early for resolutions but whatever… I just have one this time. I don’t usually make resolutions because I usually break them by Day 2. But I think I’ll get a headstart on my ONE resolution. Which is this… to give some much needed love to my Blog. Which I’ve neglected for too long. This blog is supposed to be a reflection of me. So it’s only right that I invest some time into me, right?

With that said, I’m gonna go to bed now. And maybe I’ll wake up with a hangover. From the alcohol I wish I had consumed the night before. And when I read this blog entry in the morning, I hope my reaction isn’t “what the heck was I thinkin’?”

Good night, all! (Feel free to comment and/or subscribe… because sometimes I do have interesting things to say…sometimes.)