First Of Many

It’s my birthday month! Wooohooo! Not gonna think about the fact that I’m getting older. Instead, I’m gonna think about how much fun it is to spend time with family and friends.

Today was the first of many celebrations to come this month. Sushi and bowling to celebrate 6 birthdays. Yup. February and March babies in the house! Fist pump. Ok, I’m joking. No fist pump. But really, 6 birthdays were celebrated today.

March Babies:



the hubs’ and his twin’s


Daniel and Darrell
March 11

their best friend Lloyd


March 21

February Babies:

the best friend’s wife Heidi, and my sister-in-law (bro-in-law’s wifey) Viviana…


Heidi February 18
Vivi February 26

Sushi is one of my favorites to indulge in. I will never say no to sushi. Ever.

Okay so where did we go? We originally planned to go to the one by our house called Oishii Sushi. At 1pm. Pulled up to the joint only to find they don’t open till 4pm on Sundays. Didn’t have a Plan B, so we looked up a place on Yelp. Found one in Riverside called Sushi Asahi. 


We got there and waited an hour to be seated. Apparently it’s the best all you can eat sushi around. And guess what… that’s exactly what I did. I ate all I could eat. 

I am an Island girl at heart. Love me some raw fish. This is what I ordered:

Rainbow Roll


not the best I’ve had, but it was still good

Asahi Roll


soooo good

Tiger Roll


2 orders… one was mine, the other belonged to Vivi

This is what the hubs and my bro-in-law ordered.


Chicken Teriyaki and white rice

Not sure if you remember… but I think I’ve mentioned before that he is not a fan of seafood. And he could have easily said he wanted to go somewhere else since it’s his birthday, too. But he knows how much I love the stuff…so he insisted we do sushi. Awww…my Bubbies is such a sweetheart. 🙂



After sushi, it was off to the bowling alley. I haven’t bowled in awhile. But the guys were excited to go…so then it was my turn to “suck it up” and just enjoy the activity.


the scoreboard at the end of game 2, beginning of game 3. If you’re wondering where the ladies’ names are, we deleted them at the end of game 1 and we weren’t able to change the names.

We played 3 games. The first we played for individual scores. I totally sucked at it. I think I came in last. Don’t even ask what that lousy score was. I will just stick to styling mannequins and arts & craft stuff thank you very much. But the hubs won (wooohooo!). Then for the second and third game, we teamed up. Couple against couple. It would go like this: 1st frame, ladies bowled the first shot, and then the fellas bowled the second shot. Next frame, we switched. So on and so forth. Hubs and I won the 2nd game. Our final score was 90. Heidi & Lloyd 88. Darrell and Vivi 84. Last game we came in 2nd…or last. I can’t remember. 😛





It was definitely a good time. Enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to the rest of the month. 🙂


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