Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Christmas is right around the corner and I am so very surprised that my profession has not affected my love for Christmas AT ALL. Been in “Christmas mode” since September and I’m still so very excited to be celebrating the holiday with family and friends. Even having my home burglarized almost 3 weeks ago did not put a damper on my spirit. Crappy things have happened to me within the last 6 months, but I’m still trudging on. Enjoying the blessings in my life. The weather here in Southern California has been the best the past few days. Super cold weather. Some rain. Very fitting for the holidays. LOVE it. I will definitely be sad once Christmas is over.

One thing I’m missing out on this very day is my sister’s baby shower all the way in Hawaii. Oh the things I’m missing because I live so far away. But I’m so very excited and happy for her. I had so much fun shopping for the baby shower gift. Even splurged a little. EVEN made me want to shop for baby stuff for myself…and I’m not even expecting! I guess that’s my biological clock saying something. But that’s a whole different story. Not one I will talk about today…but maybe one day. Anyway, I’m hoping to see lots of pics via IG and FB from family who will be attending this blessed event (hint hint Eder clan!) and can’t wait till Baby Parras is finally here so I can meet her!

I know last year I promised more blog posts and I failed miserably at that. I’m not sure I will make the same promise for this coming year… But I sure can promise I will do my best at it. I do love to write…that hasn’t changed. It’s finding the time in between life events to spit out even a few words just to say ‘hey’. Maybe I’ll surprise ya.

Anyway, I hope ya’ll are having a great holiday season. Go shop. Stimulate the economy. But please make sure you are nice to those that work in the retail and food industry. They work their asses off and are human, too. Most times we love to help you out…and being rude to us will only make things worse. (Like how I snuck that in, huh? I’m so random.) Ok so if I’m not back here any time soon… have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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