Reinventing The Wheel

Well not really. I just want to reinvent my blog. In some new, cool way. It started off as more of a fitness blog… With an unintended focus on workouts and eating healthy. But now I can’t remember the last time I did a good hard core workout. Sure I’ve had some workouts here and there since the end of 2014… But nothing intense like I used to. And let’s be honest here… I’ve kinda enjoyed this hiatus and using my baby as an “excuse” not to do it. Don’t get me wrong… I plan on getting back to my pre-baby shape. But I’m in no hurry. Frankly I’m too exhausted to even think about it.

And somewhere in all of that I also wanted to write about fashion. But I don’t think I ever really wrote any pieces on any fashion trends or items other than sports bras. Go figure. 

Then last year I got knocked up and that was pretty much the only thing I wrote about. 

So now that I’ve re-emerged back into the land of blogging, I kinda don’t wanna do that thing where all I write about is the fact that I now have a kid and how everything she does is the cutest thing EVER (which, btw IS truer than true) or how obsessed I’ve become with this newfound title of Mom. While it is an exciting time for me, it can’t be that exciting for people to read how very boring I’ve become 😂.

But I really love to write. And hope to make this a daily habit again. I mean I could write about serious stuff like politics 😳. And maybe spark some heated debates with people. You know, ruffle some feathers. Makes for some awesome reads don’t you think?

So… I’m taking suggestions!!! All I know is I’d like to continue to write about any and everything and grow my so-called “fan” base. 😁 

…Or maybe I’m asking for too much. 


The Ramblings of a First Time Momma

A couple of weeks ago I thought to myself “hmmm, I think I should write a post.” And I had every intention of doing it. But alas… It just seems I can’t fit blogging into my daily routine as a new mom. I used to think I had mastered the art of multi-tasking. But then I became a mom. And some days, if not all, I’ve realized that I’m just a complete failure at it now. 

So what makes things different now that there’s a tiny human being in my life? EVERYTHING!!! One thing that’s been impacted immensely is the amount of laundry that needs to be done. The loads have grown exponentially in size, I kid you not. I don’t know how we’ve gone from doing laundry once a week to doing laundry almost every single day. Like seriously. It’s never ending! Then there’s finding the time to work out. And meal preppping. The 2 things that were top priority back in my pre-baby days have now become like the millionth thing I need to get done. It’s just so hard to fit it into my busy schedule. 

And it’s not like I didn’t know that this would happen. Everyone who’s ever had a kid will tell you:

 “Your life will never be the same.” 

Ok, you hear the words. You hear the stories. You mentally prepare yourself for this life changing event. But you don’t know what that phrase truly means till you actually go out and have a kid.

Now don’t go thinking I was naive about this whole having-a-baby thing. I never once thought to myself that this would be easy. But it sure does make you feel like a failure when you’re trying to make adjustments in your life and things don’t seem to go the way you’d like them to.

I’ve been a mom for a little over 11 months now. And I’m still trying to figure things out. What works for me. What works for baby. What works for us. I’ve learned to be flexible with this thing called parenthood. I came into this with ideals on how I wanted to raise my child. All of that went out the window the minute Ella decided from the start that she would rebel against everything I had planned for the newborn stage. It wasn’t easy in the beginning. With my hormones still raging paired with the lack of sleep… I wasn’t exactly the ray of sunshine you’d think I’d be after glowing for 9 months of pregnancy. 

I can distinctly remember sitting in my rocking chair nursing her for the millionth time completely sleep deprived and totally thinking, in the most sarcastic tone possible “great…this is what my life has become now.” And then immediately afterwards feeling the worst case of mommy guilt ever. Because you love this baby with every bit of your soul but at the same time you’re wondering where the hell those rainbows and unicorns are that those moms before you speak of!

The baby blues is real ya’ll! Or as my husband would call it “temporary insanity.”  But once you get over the fact that not everything is gonna go the way you planned and once you accept that you are not alone, once you learn to not care about the mom shamers with their perfect parenting skills and ridiculous unsolicited advice, and especially once you are able to get a little bit more sleep back in your life, it is then and only then that everything is all biscuits and gravy! By the time Ella was 7 weeks old, she was already sleeping through the night. And it has been an awesome ride ever since. 

Yes, my life is definitely not the same. And as frustrating as it was to have to make adjustments (big and small), it has been the most amazing experience thus far. With my Ella Bella approaching her 1st birthday, as quickly as it has flown by (and not flown by), I can’t help but feel a little sad and happy at the same time. She has grown so much. I have grown so much. The first legit smile, her first laugh, the first time she rolled over, first time she crawled… Each day that comes and goes brings a whole new adventure for us and my heart is just bursting with so much love. Not gonna lie…I am a bit sad that the “baby” phase will be over soon but I am so excited to see what is in store for her in the future.  

Parenthood is all about phases. The newborn phase was difficult for sure. But it definitely has gotten easier. I don’t know how the terrible 2’s will be like and I’m sure the teen years most likely won’t be a picnic either. But if there’s anything I’ve really learned in this first 11 months of motherhood, it’s to take each phase day by day. I’ve learned to love every bit of this journey, even the trying times, especially those moments where I felt defeated. That’s the only way to stay sane in this hood of parenting. 

With that being said…I’m gonna give my unsolicited advice. To all you mommas out there going thru this for the first time. And all those about to go through this for the first time…

“The days are long, but the years are short. Every day is a victory. Relish every win, even the small ones.”

If I could take credit for this quote I would, but I’m not that great with words. Nor am I that wise. Not yet anyway. But it’s a quote I read from a mom blog that is so simple but holds so true to every word in it. 

I had no idea just how wonderful having a baby really was until I had one. And as cliche as this sounds, I’m gonna say it anyway… I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.