Take Me Back…

2 weeks ago I was packing our bags for our first family vacation trip overseas – and when I say overseas I mean Hawaii 😂. And for those of you who know me or who have been familiar with my blog and/or my story, you know that Hawaii is home to me. 

I haven’t been back home to visit in a long time. The last time I stepped foot on that island was for my sister’s wedding. I hate that I can’t visit as often as I’d like. But after having Ella, I realized that going home to visit can’t be postponed any longer. 

So on June 30th, we made that 6 hour long journey to Hawaii via Virgin America. First airplane flight for my little miss Ella who, by the way, just turned 1! 

And boy was I a nervous wreck up until the moment our plane took off. Anyway, I guess it wasn’t even worth the stress because that baby of mine was the happiest, easiest, most friendliest baby during the flight there (and back!). We even received compliments from other passengers on-board! 

We were only vacationing there for a week. Totally should have stayed at least 2 weeks, but don’t even get me started on that. I am already regretting that I didn’t think twice before booking our tickets. The week we were there flew by so quickly and at the end of it all, I was already homesick before we had even left. It would have been nice to have had the chance to spend a little more time with my mom and siblings and nieces and nephews. And it would have been even more awesome if my family could have spent more time getting to know our newest member of the bunch. 

Still… We managed to do a lot in just a week. 

1. We celebrated Ella’s 1st Birthday.

2. We went to the beach…

3. We traveled all the way to the North Shore to have some shave ice (and had lunch at a restaurant called Uncle Bo’s and walked around playing tourist)

4. We went on a hike and got to watch the sunset…

5. And just spent a lot of time laughing, eating, and making memories with my family.

And had we stayed an extra week, guess what we would have been doing? We’d be catching those darn Pokemons! 😂 I swear my family purposefully waited till we left to do all the fun stuff. 

Yeah… I can’t wait to go back. And next time I will stay for 2 weeks.