Unrealistic Goals?

The past couple of weeks have been spent trying to eat as healthy as possible and working out more often than I have been. Pre-baby I worked out 6-7 times a week. Post-baby, I’d be lucky if I got in 3 workouts a week. Oh how the times have changed. 

My “excuse” is this: I wake up at 4am Monday thru Friday, work 6:30-3, sit in traffic till 4:30-5, come home to eat and spend time with the baby, and then try to be in bed by 9. I could potentially workout somewhere in the 3-4 hours I’m home, but then that cuts into my much needed quality time with my daughter. Who, by the way, has so much to say (in her own sweet little language) and so much to want to share with me. The 3-4 hours is also spent putting together my lunch for the next day and getting us both ready for bed. Some days easier to accomplish than others. And most days, the thought of working out is just too exhausting…I’d rather just spend my evenings chillin’ out with my one year old.

Anyway, as I was saying… I’ve been doing my best trying to eat clean. I spend my Sundays meal prepping for my week. However, when the weekend rolls around, it just seems easier to go out and get somethin’ to eat. Nothing wrong with indulging every now and again… But if I’m wanting to shrink back into them pre-baby jeans, I really shouldn’t have those cheat meals that often. 

My goal is to shed as much baby weight as I can before the holidays are over. Having my rock hard abs back would be awesome, but if that doesn’t happen by then I’m happy with that too. Why? Well we’re hoping to expand our little family in the coming new year so the 6-pack can weight. I do, however, want to get rid of the extra fluff that sits on my abs currently. 

So to speed up the process of “losing” this fluff, I’ve started weight lifting again. Slow and steady. 2 days last week, aiming for 4 days this coming week. I don’t want to do too much too fast because my muscles are so out of shape and I need to be able to function at work the next day. But it felt soooo good to finally get back into the weight lifting game!

Are my goals too unrealistic? I hope not. I know the holidays are just around the corner. And the weather will start to cool down. Which means the want and need for comfort food will be stronger than ever! But I’d like to be in better shape by the time baby #2 happens so that I won’t pack on more pounds than the 1st time. And that way it won’t be too hard to lose it all after baby #2. 

Ok I’m done babbling about losing this baby weight. It’s time to get my “fit” back in Fab Fit Me.