I find myself starting blog posts but never going back to finish them. I’m sooo bad at this. I posted like what…2 posts in 2016? Like seriously, why can’t I seem to just get with the program? The other night I started to write about how I finally got some “me time” when I got home from work. The hubby was working late and the baby was still at the sitter’s. But then I don’t know what happened… maybe I got distracted or maybe I fell asleep. Yeah I know, pretty exciting stuff huh? 

So it’s Thursday night. 8:30-ish. And normally I would be in bed by now but not tonight. Today is my Friday. Yup. 3-day weekend ahead for me. So I’ve decided to extend my bedtime to 9pm 😂. I’m sitting here watching an episode of Care Bears with the little one. She’s so ready for bed but this mama is not giving in to the yawns just yet! Nope! Tonight we are totally rebelling! 

Now it’s 8:41 and 2 paragraphs later I’m starting to feel like I can’t make it till 9. You’re thinking I’m such a loser. And guess what, I’m totally not disagreeing with ya. I figure I’d post some “small” random nonsense kind of posts in hopes that I can get back into the habit of writing more interesting content. So just bear with me ok? My posts will get better. 

And now? Off to bed we go. Good night, all!!!