News Flash!!! Brand New Blog Is Up!

I’ve been playing with the idea of revamping my blog for quite some time now. I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it on WordPress so I asked the hubby for his assistance since he’s designed blogs and websites for people in the past. I would have preferred to keep using WordPress but because he (and I) didn’t know how to tweak the templates on here or design one from scratch… he kinda built me a brand new blog on another platform.

So while this is still my baby… and I’ve grown to love it… I’ve decided to let it go. For now at least.

If you are still interested in reading up on the new content, feel free to subscribe to the new blog!


Head on over to That Plain Jane Life and subscribe for updates on new posts! I’ve been posting weekly for about a month now (it took awhile for me to design it and familiarizing myself with the new platform) and I’m still growing my audience but would love it if you came along with me on this new journey! My journey through life and motherhood

Thank you so much for reading Fab . Fit . Me and I look forward to seeing you on the new one!!!