Another First


Can you believe I’ve never been rollerskating? I rollerblade. I even ice skate. But rollerskate? Never. Yeah, so today I was actually a little nervous about getting in that skating rink. Because really, I haven’t been skating in years. Oh no wait. I’m lying. I went rollerblading a few years ago as well as ice skating… anyway, my point is I’m a little rusty. And, of course, everyone reassured me that it’s like riding a bike. And you never forget. And you know what? They were right. But ya better believe I held the hub’s hand the whole time I skated. You know…just in case. 😉

Today we went to Cal Skate in Grand Terrace to celebrate the hub’s little sister’s 10th birthday. Gosh… saying that “out loud” just made me feel really old. I remember when she was just a tiny baby. There was pizza, birthday cake, and lots of soda. And just so you know, I did not have any. I made sure to eat before we went over there, and I brought a couple of Clif bars to snack on in case I did get hungry and my trusty water bottle. We were only there for 2 hours… so I did good.

We had a great time skating and hanging out with family. It’s always a blast when we all get together. I even mentioned to the hubs that we should do this again some time soon. Future date night maybe? I dunno. We’ll see. He’s a natural at anything athletic. So yes, it was fun. And I’d love to do it again.

Here are just some pics of today’s adventure….

Birthday Girl D’Anna



Hubs with his siblings (only one missing is his sister Valerie)


And with their dad…


And then with everyone else…


And since I was the photographer and couldn’t get in the pic, the hubs had his sister take one of us…


That’s me tryin’ to look cute. Sooo not successful.


More family fun pics!




And how flippin’ cute are these skates? Birthday girl got them just for today. I think I’m gonna make the hubs get me a blinged out pair, too!!! 😛



Happy Birthday D’Anna! We love you!!!

An added bonus vid of the hubs “showin’ me how it’s done” 😛 :

Mr. Show-Off


Because I’m Crafty Like That

It has been a CRAZY past few weeks… so much to share with you… but it looks like I may have to break it all into parts. I could do the whole ‘chronological order’ thing but I’m kinda too tired to really sit here and think about everything that I want to share with you. So I’m going to share with you the most recent event/thing (whatever you want to call it) that has happened.

Saturday August 25th, was my little sis-in-law’s baby shower. And I volunteered to do decorations and the dessert/candy station. The creative Martha Stewart wannabe in me wanted to do ALL KINDS of fabulous things. I’m pretty good with making desserts, so I had the bright idea to do everything myself instead of having them made professionally. I figure…it can’t be that hard, right? Anyway, before I go on to tell you the projects that “failed”, I will show you the final product.


Looks pretty doesn’t it? And I made most of it myself.


Marshmallow Pops. So easy to make. My niece loved ’em.

Candy covered pretzel sticks.


And for decoration… a diaper cake. It was a cupcake themed baby shower, so I couldn’t help but go overboard with “cupcake” decor. The cupcake topper is actually a ceramic piggy bank. Baby Arianna’s first piggy bank.


So the “projects” that failed and didn’t quite make it were 2 things.

1. Cake Pops

2. Homemade Tissue Pom Poms

My sister made cake pops for her wedding favors. She told me exactly what to do and what not to do. She told me not to use the entire container of frosting if I decided to use the super moist cake mix. Did I listen? Nope. Totally didn’t take her advice. Didn’t realize I had bought the super moist mix. And guess what… my cake pop balls were too dang moist and literally fell off the stick. So those stayed hidden away in the fridge, but fret not… they did not go to waste. We munched on them throughout the day. And both guests of honor and parents-to-be loved ’em, too.

I also wanted to make tissue pom poms to place on the table for a lil decoration. And I bought the materials to make them. However, I went for the cheap tissue paper and you really pay for what you get…even with tissue paper. There wasn’t enough tissue paper in the bag that I bought to make a nice full tissue pom pom. Oh well. Next time.

All in all, I’d say that the baby shower was a success. The parents-to-be loved the details and enjoyed themselves very much. And that’s all that matters.

Other party details:

Cupcakes, Belly Cast, and Baby Shower Keepsakes…

1st time parents-to-be

Love you guys! Can’t wait to meet (and spoil) baby Ari!!!

Girls’ Night Out – Apartm3nt – May 4, 2012

The much anticipated event of the year! Okay, maybe not the most anticipated…but it’s pretty close! Especially since I was under a lot of pressure to make this night one of the best nights to remember. And planning it from 2500 miles away wasn’t an easy task. Finding the right place to host the event was a task in itself. I don’t live in Hawaii anymore. Which means I’m no longer familiar with the nightlife. So yeah, I kinda stressed out a little bit. Yup, you guessed it. My duty as one of the matrons of honor was to plan and execute the Bachelorette Party. I wanted nothing but the best for my favorite sister in the whole wide world so a lot of thought really went into this.

Vegas was my first choice. But that wasn’t an option. However, the idea served as inspiration for this special night. The girls getting all dolled up, dinner at a nice restaurant with Vegas-like ambiance, and then bar hopping. Except we only hit up one bar. But it’s okay. One was all we needed.

After asking around, I found the perfect place to have dinner. Apartm3nt. A small intimate, sophisticated restaurant located on the 3rd floor of an apartment building on Kalakaua Ave. Perfect for a girl’s night out! The food was awesome! 

And what’s a perfect place without a little bit of drama? Yeah, slight drama. When one of the other bridesmaids arrived early to set up our table, she was told they had no record of a reservation. But it’s a good thing I had been conversing with the owner of the place via email. By the time I arrived with the guest of honor, everything was set up and ready to go. We were even given 2 free bottles of champagne to make up for their mistake.

favors filled with goodies, individual mints and confetti (look closely at those) sprinkled around the table, and champagne and good food.

Classy and sophisticated. All the “naughty” favors were tucked away in those pink bags you see in the pics.

And yes, there were games and other “naughty” prizes, but I decided not to post pics of those on here.

Gotta keep it classy!


And then, of course… sissy and I had some fun with the camera…

(check out the first pic…I’m holding a fry and a piece of mushroom pizza 😉 )

After dinner we headed on down to Mai Tai for some drinks and more girl time.

Bride + her “maids”

Dinner was delish and the games we played were a hit.

Sissy enjoyed herself very much.

I did good, right?