Baby P #2 Bump Watch: 38 Weeks Preggers

38 Weeks and still pregnant! I guess it isn’t always true when people say “if your first was early, then your 2nd will be early, too.” I know I still got a few days to go till I’m “full term 40 weeks” and I could still have her “early.” But right now, she looks to be super content in my belly.

At my last appointment on 9/15, my midwife checked me to see if I’ve even dilated. And yes, my cervix has dilated 1cm and is 80% effaced. While some may think “yay, that means she’ll be here soon!”…hate to break it to ya… it just really means I’m dilated 1cm with a possibility of going into labor really soon. The truth is…I could stay dilated 1cm till 40 weeks. Or I could go into labor any minute. It’s all up to mother nature now. Whenever my body and Baby P wants it to happen, it will happen. I haven’t felt any real contractions yet. Just the normal aches and sharp pains from Baby’s movements down there.

So we continue to wait…

38 Weeks



Monster and me…



What is up with Baby P #2 this week?

  • Baby P #2 is as big as a winter melon, measuring at about 19.6 inches long and weighing about 6.8 lbs.
  • Her head is about the same circumference as the abdomen
  • She has really plumped up and has a firm grasp – which we’ll soon be able to test when we hold her hand for the first time
  • Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb



What’s been happening with ME this week?

Weight Gained: Up 2 lbs from the last appointment. Not something any woman likes to hear but doc says its normal and Baby P and I are totally healthy. So that brings us to a total of 32-33lbs gained.

Workouts: Are you kidding me? Me? Workout? Those words don’t go together. We did go to the mall over the weekend to get some new stuff to wear for Baby P’s newborn photoshoot coming up soon after she’s born. And, let me tell you, this belly of mine made walking that mall almost unbearable after 20 minutes. Muscles ached for days just from that walk. No joke.


  • Extreme fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Lightning crotch – this is a real thing, I assure you. Google it.
  • Nausea – usually after eating anything
  • Whacked out tastebuds – anything I eat leaves the worst aftertaste in my mouth AND no matter how many times I brush my teeth and tongue, I always seem to have the worst breath ever.
  • Aches and pains everywhere
  • Heartburn/acid reflux – makes for some uncomfortable sleep
  • Itchy belly…because it’s so dang stretched out, it just itches like crazy!!!

Food Aversions: nothing specific

Food Cravings: Ice cream. Fried chicken. But not together.

Sleep: It was pretty damn good up until now. Insomnia kicked in right at the start of my 38th week. Can’t seem to get comfortable with this watermelon belly. And also, can’t seem to shut the brain off. The anxiety of going into labor again is not fun.

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases? Nothing new. I’m looking at new bows to add to Ella’s old collection that Baby P #2 will inherit.

Stretch Marks:  Oh don’t even get me started on this one. Gone are the days of flawless abs for this mama.

Miss Anything?: Everything about being mobile!

Belly Button In or Out?  What belly button?

Wedding Rings On or Off? I keep them off most of the time. I put them on when I leave the house.

Happy or Moody Most Of The Time? Happy but easily irritated if you say or do the wrong thing. For real.

Any Movement? Heck yes. There’s never a dull moment with this Baby. She is ALWAYS moving.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week? I think we finally settled on a name! LoL. You’ll find out once we’ve announced Baby P’s arrival.
Looking Forward To? Meeting this little human of mine. But not looking forward to labor.


My Birth Story Part 2: Early & Active Labor

Here we are again! 2 months later. I’ve tried numerous times to try and find the time to sit and hash out the rest of my birth story but being a first time mom with a very demanding new baby, I kinda had my hands full. In between nursing, changing diapers, soothing the baby and trying to get her to sleep, I opted to utilize my little breaks to use the potty or fix me somethin’ to eat.

With that said… let’s move on to the rest of my birthing story before my little monster wakes up. Just a tip for all you first time mamas and mama-to-be’s out there – baby wearing is bliss! How else do you think I’m able to do anything around the house these days? My newborn is very needy and clingy because apparently this world is a scary frightening place for her and the only place that seems to keep her calm is in her momma’s arms. And believe me…. I’ve tried everything.

So… are ya ready to read the fun stuff? You know, looking back on it now, I wish I had video recorded the entire labor & delivery experience. When I first got pregnant, I watched all kinds of Vlogs on YouTube of pregnancy updates and all that good stuff. Same with blogs. There’s a girl I follow on social media that documented her entire labor on video and shared it with her followers. It’s what actually inspired me to do it all natural. No joke. She was a badass. And not that I’d want you guys to see the whole thing, just this one part during my delivery, at the very end, where things got a little rough, and then all the nurses on staff that day came in to cheer me on. That was definitely a moment to capture.

If ya didn’t get a chance to read Part 1… Click here to get the back story 😁.

If you remember my last Blog Post, the hubs and I had ended our night by watching Transformers on Netflix and went to bed around 11. Nothing new. At this point I didn’t look forward to bedtime because for me, it meant uncomfortable and sometimes painful sleeping positions. But I was exhausted and needed as much rest as I could possibly get. So… Lights were out at 11. After tossing and turning and finally getting into a somewhat comfy position, I drifted off into dreamland.

Shortly After Midnight

A pain in my ass woke me up. Literally. It didn’t last long. But it was a pain in the tailbone area. And I had no idea what it was. I didn’t think anything of it. When it didn’t happen again, I went back to sleep.

Then it happened again. Maybe about 2 more times within the next hour. By the 3rd time, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I laid there and waited for it to come again. And it did. A few more times. This time, a little closer together. But only in the tailbone area.

So what did I do? Got on my phone and Googled it. Found articles on how babies sometimes can be head down but “sunny side up” (where baby is not facing the rectum area like they should be) and then causing all this pressure up on the nerves in the tailbone. The remedy for it? Do pelvic tilts in hopes of getting baby to turn around so it can relieve the pressure. So there I was, at like 1 in the morning, doing pelvic tilts on the floor.

At Around 2:30am

Nothing seemed to help. The pain kept coming in waves. And getting stronger. Occasionally going up to my lower back.

It finally dawned on me. Omg could this be contractions? Yeah, call me slow. But I didn’t even think those would be contractions. And even still, I was kinda in denial. Only because I’ve never heard of people having contractions in that area. I’m all expecting to feel the usual contractions in the belly.

Google was my best friend that night. Even though I was advised at my first prenatal appointment to stay off the internet. If there were any questions, I needed to call and ask a nurse on staff.


I finally decided to time these waves of pain. To see how far apart they were. I monitored it for the next hour. They ranged from 2 minutes to 6 minutes apart.

Still didn’t think this was the real deal.

For the next couple of hours 3-5am

The pain came in consistent waves. About 2-5 minutes apart. Trips to the bathroom became more frequent.

TMI Alert – Don’t know exactly when it started happening but I started passing mucous-like blood clots. I can only assume it was my mucous plug. But at the time I thought it was because of that membrane sweep from a couple days prior.

Around 7am

Still no change. Pain still happening. Still peeing a lot. Still bleeding. And still thinking this is all gonna pass.

But by now, the pain was felt all up in the pelvic area. And I finally came to terms with this being contractions. But still thinking it could also be false contractions. Yup, I was in complete denial.

So the hubs finally called Labor & Delivery for me to see what they recommended we do. I know some of you are probably reading this and thinking “I would have already gone to the hospital!” I wanted to labor at home as much as I could. So if this was labor (and it clearly was, I just didn’t want to admit it), I was doing it at home.

Anyway, the nurse asked me a series of questions. She told me to take some Tylenol. 600mg of it. With about 32oz of water. And then if nothing changes in an hour, then to call back. And they’d mostly have me come in to be evaluated.

We didn’t have Tylenol so the hubs had to run out and get me some. On the way back he bought some donuts. 😁

Took the meds around 730-ish and then proceeded to wait.

From 7:30-9:00am

I had eaten a donut. The hubs decided to clean up the kitchen and then planned to clean our bathroom – in case this is the real deal, the bathroom would be clean for when visitors came by.

And no I’m not joking.


The hubs finally called L&D to let them know my status hadn’t changed. So they told us to come in so I could be evaluated.

So I took a shower, got dressed, and even put on my makeup. After my shower, the hubs quickly cleaned the bathroom.

Then I felt an intense wave of pain in my pelvic area that finally made me yell “ok Bubs, we gotta go now!” Hubby didn’t hesitate. He grabbed our bags and loaded up the car.

But! Just in case this wasn’t the Real Deal… We left the bags with the snacks and nurses goody baskets behind because I didn’t want it sitting in the hot car. #StillInDenial

If we did get admitted, my brother in law would bring it to us since the hospital wasn’t too far away.

Between 10:30-11am

Arrived at the hospital. Walked up to L&D. Was brought into a delivery room and instructed to change into a hospital gown.

A midwife on staff that day came in with my assigned nurse. Asked me a few questions. Then gave me a pelvic exam and lo and behold I was already dilated 7cm. Holy freakin crap! Denial no more! This shit just got real.

The midwife smiled and said “yup we’re having this baby today. Let’s get you admitted.” Followed by “I’m impressed. You are dilated 7cm, obviously in pain, but you’re so calm!”

This being my first time, 7cm had no meaning to me. I knew I had to be dilated 10cm before I could start pushing Baby out… But any reference to the level of pain and intensity of these contractions, I had no clue. Nothing to compare it to.

As I was being admitted and hooked up to machines, I was asked about the epidural. My midwife was looking at my birth plan and asked if I wanted to have the epidural. Both she and the nurse were so impressed with my pain tolerance and the fact that I was so calm and not hysterical.

I thought about it for a split second. About getting the epidural. But then I thought to myself, I made it this far. And yeah this was painful… But not as painful as I thought this would be. When my nurse saw the hesitation, she took the time to talk to me about what I should expect from there on out. And what the epidural would do if I decided to get one. She commended me on how well I had dealt with the pain thus far. Told me that pain-wise, it could get a little bit more intense. And that it won’t be that much more painful. She did tell me about the Ring of Fire. But at that point it wouldn’t faze me at all. The epidural was meant to help manage the pain. But I’d still feel the pressure of each contraction.

At the end of our conversation, I made the decision to stick with my birth plan. I turned down the epidural.. And that was that.

From 11 am – 1 pm

The next 2 hours in that room flew by. And my nurse was right. The contractions got a little bit more intense but nothing I couldn’t handle. It took every bit of me to stay focused and to breathe through each one.


I managed to crack a smile in between contractions…



The great thing about not having had the epidural administered was the fact that I was able to move around. I didn’t want to be confined to my bed for hours on end. Which is another reason why I chose to labor at home for as long as I could. If I had labored any longer, I might have even walked the halls of the L&D floor.

This position helped me get through many of those intense contractions:


Leaning on the backside of the bed while the hubby pushed down on my back
helped relieved the pain in my tailbone.

And like my nurse and midwife said… I was quite the trooper!!!

After being there for 2 hours and breathing through each and every contraction, the moment every laboring woman talks about when telling their birth story, I felt the sudden urge to push. Like bad. Of course once I said that out loud, I was advised not to push till I was examined by my midwife.

My nurse went out to get her while I fought the urge to push through the contractions. She returned with the midwife a few minutes later and it was confirmed… I was completely dilated.

A million emotions zapped right through me when she said I was fully dilated. I couldn’t believe that it was already time to do it. After 38 weeks of carrying her in me, I was extremely excited that we’d finally be meeting the tiny human I’d been growing inside of me. And at the same time I was completely terrified of what was to come in the next phase of delivery. But totally relieved to know that this would all be over soon…

To Be Continued…

My Birth Story Part 1: The BIG Day…And All The Events Leading Up To It

Like any other mama-to-be… I tried to do as much as I could to prepare myself for D-Day. And I started early. Like as early as right after the hubs and I were married in 2009. Even though we didn’t plan on starting a family right away, I just felt it would be better to educate myself as much as possible. I mean, the thought of childbirth was scary enough. So the first thing I did was ask my friends and family members who had gone through this life changing event about their experience. Some were reluctant to share this info with me because they were afraid they’d scare me enough to not want to have kids. But I was wise enough to know that every pregnancy and childbirth experience is different with each person.

And it wasn’t till I went into labor myself that I finally understood just how different these experiences really were.

So before I get into specifics, let me preface this blog entry by sharing with you what I wrote down in my birth plan. It wasn’t very long nor was it full of diva-ish demands. It was pretty short and simple. I specifically stated I wanted a natural birth with no pain meds. Pretty straightforward, right? And then I also mentioned on there that if I really couldn’t tolerate the pain, to “forget what I said and bring on the epidural!!!” 😁. My reasons for wanting to go natural without the use of meds was because I know our bodies were made to endure such pain. And the fit chick part of me saw this as a challenge. And I knew I could do it. And I had heard so many horror stories of epidurals sometimes not working, or it slowing down the contractions and laboring, and also affecting recovery time. And it can even leave you so numb and unable to even feel how strong you are pushing that you could be pushing for hours! So I opted for the “no epidural” option. Because I wanted to try to be a badass 😉. But all kidding aside, any woman who has gone thru childbirth, whether it was natural or via c-section, they’re badass period.

Alright! Moving on! This blog post may be a bit lengthy so please bear with me.

Let’s start this timeline a few days prior to D-Day.

Thursday, June 25th


This date not only marked my 38th week, but also my last prenatal doc appointment (although I didn’t know it would be my last). I gained a whopping 4 pounds in the course of 2 weeks. Which brought me up to a total of 34 lbs gained. Well in between my target range of 25-35 lbs. Everything looked good. My vitals were good. Results from my last blood test were on point. Baby’s heartbeat was strong and my belly measurements were on track. My midwife examined me and confirmed I was already dilated 1 VM. Of course, that didn’t really indicate that I’d be going into labor soon, but knowing that I was already dilating was kind of exciting! And a little scary, too. But for some reason my midwife was hoping I’d deliver soon. And while I was kinda over being pregnant because of how uncomfortable it was to do anything… I was still fine with carrying Baby P till 40 weeks if at all possible. But my midwife had other plans for me. She wanted to jumpstart the process and did a membrane sweep during my pelvic exam – which was painful by the way. Not gonna sugar coat it. I didn’t know what she was doing till after the fact. Anyway she said it would release hormones (forgive me for not knowing the name for this hormone) that would aid in softening the cervix. She advised that I would have some spotting because of the sweep and not to be alarmed. And then even advised us (TMI ALERT) to go home and have intercourse. Because apparently, his hormones mixed with mine would work magic on that cervix! Yup. Just a little sex ed for us right there 😉.

Ok so that’s that.

Friday, June 26th

Knowing that I could go into labor any day kinda forced us to hurry up and get things done. Everything was all ready for Baby P’s arrival – laundry washed, dried, and put away, bassinet all assembled and ready for use, infant car seat installed in my tiny car… We were ready for her! All that was left was to finish packing up our hospital bags. So we spent this day running errands… And getting last minute things for our bags.

Saturday, June 27th

Hospital bags were packed and ready to go. Last thing we needed to take care of was buy snacks for the hubs… So that when I’m laboring at the hospital, he’d have some food to keep him energized. Because coaching a woman in labor is no joke and requires a lot! And taking a break to go down to the cafeteria was out of the question! There was no way he would be allowed to leave my side.

We also stocked up on coconut water. Best thing for hydration.

And I also put together a care package for the nurses that would be taking care of me during my labor.

And they loved it. They deserved it. They were awesome.

Ok so now that everything was all set and ready to go, we settled in for the evening with dinner and a Netflix movie. Yeah we are exciting people 😁. Pregnant lady was exhausted. We watched Transformers… The most recent one. The one with Mark Wahlburg. Yeah I don’t have my movie titles straight either. (Forgive me but I’m trying to write this while holding a sleeping newborn in my arms).

And little did I know that this would be the last night as just Peedens: Party of Two.

Stay tuned for Part 2…..