Baby P #2 Bump Watch: 29 Weeks Preggers

29 Weeks

See? I clean up real nice when I put forth the effort 😂. A lot of my previous pics have been taken just before bedtime because I always forget to take them. Which explains the no make-up or the ‘messy hair don’t care’ look.

And for a bonus this week, here’s a blooper shot 🤣…

What is up with Baby P #2 this week?

  • Baby P #2 is the size of an acorn squash, measuring 15.2 inches long and weighing about 2.5 lbs and is expected to double, almost tripling her weight in the next 11 weeks.
  • As more fat is deposited under skin, her wrinkled skin is smoothing out. This white fat is is different from the earlier brown fat she accumulated as a fetus. Brown fat is necessary for body temperature regulation while white fat serves as an energy source.
  • Also, her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and her head is growing bigger to make from for her developing brain 
  • To keep up with her increasing nutritional demands, I will need plenty of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, and iron.

What’s been happening with ME this week?

Weight Gained: your guess is as good as mine! Not even caring about that number at this point. 

Workouts: my job is my workout. Seriously.


  • dizziness and lightheadedness – felt like I was gonna pass out on Thursday night after working all day and then shopping till the mall closed
  • headaches
  • Leg cramps – happens when I’m trying to roll over in bed
  • The weight of my belly is making my balance all out of whack. I got on the escalator at work and almost fell backwards with the very little movement it made going up

 Food Aversions: I don’t think there were any this week.

Food Cravings: 

  • Carne asada burrito
  • Crab legs
  • Pancakes drenched with syrup 

Sleep: not a lot of it, but hey, I’m still functioning. Being a working mom of a 2 year old doesn’t give me the luxury of going to bed early or sleeping in till at least 7. I’m looking forward to going on maternity leave so I can get some rest.

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases? None yet. Been busy nesting and getting the home ready for Baby #2. Decluttering, rearranging furniture and rooms, spring cleaning… once I’m on LOA, I need to do baby’s laundry. So much to do! 

Stretch Marks: nope. 

Miss Anything?: simple things like being able to get up from sitting position without moaning and groaning. Or being able to bend over to pick things up off the floor without feeling like I’m gonna fall over. The belly is ginormous!

Belly Button In or Out? It’s been out. 

Wedding Rings On or Off? Still on!!!

Happy or Moody Most Of The Time? Happy! Considering the heat and lack of sleep, I think I’m doing just fine.

Any Movement? Yes and they are starting to really hurt! Some tickle. But as she runs out room, her jabs and kicks are just hard.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week? We had our maternity session on Friday the 14th out in San Dimas. Same photographer we’ve used in the past. Totally new location for us.  We won’t see the proofs for at least a week, which is fine, I’m in no hurry to order prints just yet. But we had a good time. I was hoping to get some behind the scenes pics of the session but things were different this time around with a toddler to chase down in between shots. 

Here is my monster before we left for the shoot…

Here she is towards the end of the shoot… “patiently” waiting for mom to finish getting in some solo shots to end the session. Monster was already over the whole thing… she even stripped the bow out of her hair.

And then here is my monster waiting for her dinner at The Melt. 

It was a pretty eventful day for all of us. Fun but exhausting! 

Looking Forward To? Seeing the digital proofs of our photos! Can’t wait to share those with you as well!

Baby P #2 Bump Watch: 27 Weeks Preggers

27 Weeks

What is up with Baby P #2 this week?

  • Baby P weighs almost 2 lbs and measures about 14 1/2 inches long with her legs extended…so about the size of a cauliflower or head of lettuce.
  • She sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, opens and closes her eyes, and could potentially even be sucking her fingers.
  • She is super active now which means her brain tissue is continuing to develop.
  • She is breathing (amniotic fluid) but her lungs are still immature but would be capable of functioning (with a lot of medical help) if she were to be born now.
  • And it is very common for her to have episodes of baby hiccups (that rhythmic movements I am feeling from time to time) that lasts only a few moments.


What’s been happening with ME this week?

Weight Gained: at my last doc appointment on June 30th, I found out I was still at 17 lbs gained since the start of this pregnancy. Totally didn’t gain anything but maybe a few ounces since my last appointment about 3 weeks prior. I also still feel like that’s a lot but my doctor didn’t seem too concerned. So I guess I shouldn’t be either.

Workouts: not a damn one. Just the hustle and bustle of my work life.


  • Mild leg cramps at night…especially when I was up visiting my mother-in-law over the weekend. Not exactly sure if it’s because of the altitude since she lives in the mountains.
  • Lower back pain
  • Exhaustion
  • Hot flashes
  • Some headaches

Food Aversions: it’s been pretty good lately.

Food Cravings: sweets. Junk food.

Sleep: fine except for all the trips to the restroom.

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases? First baby gift from my favorite sister in the whole wide world!!!

The Sea Punk Tokidoki print Jujube diaper bag. The BRB (Be Right Back). Super cute!!!

Stretch Marks: still the same ones

Miss Anything?: I miss being able to just walk without waddling or feeling like I’ve done a million squats. I’m barely about to enter into my last and final trimester and I’m already feeling like I can barely move.

Belly Button In or Out? Out

Wedding Rings On or Off? On! But I noticed my fingers were a little puffy over the weekend. Must be the heat.

Happy or Moody Most Of The Time? Happy! Not as irritable this week as the last one.

Any Movement? She seems to be rolling a lot more than kicking and punching. I guess she’s still got plenty of room to be rolling around in there. Her kicks and punches have been pretty mild.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week? 

Took a trip up north to get Ella. Had a good time just relaxing and enjoying nature. Spent some time sightseeing in Tahoe. And then came back home in time to celebrate the 4th with my father in law and the rest of the fam. Oh! And since Ella was up at her grandma’s house on her birthday, we had a little celebration for her on the 4th as well. It was a pretty awesome weekend.

Looking Forward To? Shopping this weekend for our maternity family photo shoot next week! Yup.

My Birth Story Part 3: The Ring Of Fire

A little recap if you haven’t already read my previous posts…

  • I went into labor in the wee hours of the night… and didn’t even know it. But we all know I was in denial.
  • When I finally went in to Labor & Delivery I was already dilated 7 cm – which is totally freakin’ awesome!
  • I labored all the way through to 10 cm without the help of the epidural

So now we have reached the end. It’s time to push and we cannot wait to finally meet our little girl. In a matter of minutes, I’ll be hearing her first cries and holding her in my arms. Tada… the end, right? Ha! Right…just so you know, having a pretty easy and textbook labor does not mean a damn thing. My nurse was not kidding when she said that pushing Baby P out would be the hardest part. Both mentally and physically.

After my midwife confirmed I was fully dilated, she “broke” my water bag (yup, it was still in tact up until then) and gave me the go to push with the next contraction. And oh-em-gee did it feel goooood to do so.

I pushed.

And pushed.

And puuuuushed. 

For the next 4 hours.

So much for not taking the epidural when they offered it to me. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid. The pain and exhaustion of having to push for-ev-errrr! But there I was… Totally exhausted. By this point in time, I had been up for over 24 hours… since I woke up from a good night’s sleep Saturday morning. I barely got an hour of sleep time when I started feeling contractions… but that was interrupted sleep so that doesn’t count! So yes… I felt defeated.

We tried every position known to man to help push Baby P out but nothing seemed to work. It turned out that my contractions weren’t strong and long enough for me to effectively give 3-4 pushes. It would die down in the middle of like the 2nd push, so by the 3rd push, I was pretty much doing it all on my own.

After about an hour and still no baby, they decided to give me pitocin. To help strengthen my contractions. To help me push Baby P out. I didn’t want to do it, but I wanted her out of me. So I agreed. Did it work? It strengthened my contractions no doubt. But not enough for me to push 3-4 times in one contraction. Even upping the dosage didn’t help. My baby just did not want to come out.

We even played tug-o-war with a bedsheet. At first with my midwife. But after she realized how strong I was and that I almost pulled her down into me, the job was then given to my hubby. While it did seem like it worked in the beginning… Baby just would not budge.

Then when that didn’t work, they showed me Baby P, hoping to motivate me to push harder. They brought out a huge mirror so I could see her head…especially while I pushed. In all honesty, while it was amazing to see her head that close…it was kinda weird to be looking at it trying to come out of me.

I was tired. And delirious. I remember telling my hubby that I couldn’t do it anymore. That they needed to cut me open. But he wouldn’t let me give up.

I was so tired that there were some contractions where I didn’t even try to push. I needed rest. I know I should have continued to push but I just couldn’t. By about 4:30-ish my midwife came in and threatened me with a c-section. And you have no idea how ready I was to just scream “yes! Cut me open!” My husband stepped in and firmly told me to push our baby out. Wait. No. He yelled at me to push her out. We both did not want surgery unless it was our only option. And there was no emergency or reason to have a c-section.

For the next 30 minutes I pushed. And just when I thought “great, they’re gonna take me in and cut me open and I’m gonna hate myself for letting them,” every single nurse on duty came into my room. One after the other. I wanna say there were at least 10 of them in there. One nurse, with a thick Russian accent, came to my bedside and yelled at me like a drill sergeant. She was scary. And I had no choice but to listen. She yelled to push even when I couldn’t. She ordered my husband and cousin (who had shown up to help coach sometime before I was fully dilated) to hold my legs. I’m not flexible at all, but at that moment, I had to be.

The rest of it was kinda surreal. I heard the voices of other nurses coaxing me to push…to not make a sound…to channel all that energy into pushing. I saw my midwife put on her gloves and surgical gown and pull up a stool down there. And when I asked “what are you doing?!” She said “I’m delivering this baby, what do u think I’m doing?” With all of that going on… Drill sergeant lady yelling at me, my midwife doing God knows what down there with my lady parts, and all the nurses coaching and cheering me on, I managed to push Baby P’s head out. Ask me if that hurt and I couldn’t tell you. I know I had an episiotomy done. Didn’t feel that at all. I do remember feeling the rest of her slide out of me when I had to push again. And before I knew it, she was placed on top of my chest immediately and my husband was cutting the umbilical cord.

And I was in tears. Mostly tears of joy. But a huge chunk of it were tears of relief. I looked down at my baby and just could not believe she was finally here.


It was love at first sight



Time ceased to exist once she arrived. Hubby and I were so busy swooning over her that I didn’t even notice the midwife “working” on me down there. Didn’t mind the discomfort of her pushing on my uterus to get the rest of the junk out along with the placenta. I was busy admiring our creation and enjoying the skin-to-skin bonding time with my daughter. She was absolutely gorgeous. And everything – The pregnancy, the labor, the pain, all of it… Was sooo worth it. She was worth it. And after hearing stories from all my mama friends, it felt amazing to finally understand and experience it for myself.

After both Baby P and I were cleaned up, and as we waited to be transferred to our room, family was finally allowed in to meet our little princess.

Here’s Ella Juliet with her Grandpa David

Ella with her Grandpa David

With Auntie Viviana and Uncle Darrell


…with her Auntie Virginia

...with Aunty Virginia

And her Uncle Diego


While everyone visited with the newest addition to our growing family, I managed to scarf down some food.


With the exception of a glazed donut I had in the morning before I made it to the hospital, I hadn’t eaten since dinner the night before. I was famished! And completely drained. I didn’t know it right away, but apparently I had lost a lot of blood. When the nurses helped me up to go to the restroom (they make you pee right away for those that don’t already know), I almost passed out. It felt silly to me that I had to have all this help getting to the restroom to pee and change into some fresh and clean clothes. My mental state of mind at that moment: I just pushed out a baby! I can do anything!!!! Yeah well, almost passing out was my body’s way of saying “slow down!” Thank goodness for awesome nurses!

So there ya have it! Did my best to include every last detail without dragging the story on and on. The event itself was exciting but I don’t want to bore you with having to read it. I could have included pics of the placenta to add a bit of umph to this post but I know some of ya don’t wanna see that stuff. And I wouldn’t want to scare those of you who haven’t had children yet or who just can’t stomach the sight of blood. But it was pretty cool to look at!

Anyway, just a current update of where Baby P and I are today. Today she is 12 weeks old, almost 13. And that means I’m 12 weeks postpartum. We are happy and healthy as can be. It’s been a major adjustment having a baby in our lives but we love her to pieces and wouldn’t have it any other way.

As far as my fit blog is concerned… I want to try and blog more when I can. I started working out this week. In my garage. Starting off slow and just working my way back to what I was doing prior to getting pregnant. Got a few pounds of baby weight left to shed but I’m not worried. It will happen. I’m just taking advantage of this special time with my little one before I go back to work in November – something I’m not looking forward to. But that’s a whole different story.

I just want to thank you all for reading my blog posts and following along as I went through this entire experience. It’s been great and amazing and I am looking forward to watching this baby of mine grow.

Until the next blog post…

Much love and aloha,

The Peedens


My Birth Story Part 1: The BIG Day…And All The Events Leading Up To It

Like any other mama-to-be… I tried to do as much as I could to prepare myself for D-Day. And I started early. Like as early as right after the hubs and I were married in 2009. Even though we didn’t plan on starting a family right away, I just felt it would be better to educate myself as much as possible. I mean, the thought of childbirth was scary enough. So the first thing I did was ask my friends and family members who had gone through this life changing event about their experience. Some were reluctant to share this info with me because they were afraid they’d scare me enough to not want to have kids. But I was wise enough to know that every pregnancy and childbirth experience is different with each person.

And it wasn’t till I went into labor myself that I finally understood just how different these experiences really were.

So before I get into specifics, let me preface this blog entry by sharing with you what I wrote down in my birth plan. It wasn’t very long nor was it full of diva-ish demands. It was pretty short and simple. I specifically stated I wanted a natural birth with no pain meds. Pretty straightforward, right? And then I also mentioned on there that if I really couldn’t tolerate the pain, to “forget what I said and bring on the epidural!!!” 😁. My reasons for wanting to go natural without the use of meds was because I know our bodies were made to endure such pain. And the fit chick part of me saw this as a challenge. And I knew I could do it. And I had heard so many horror stories of epidurals sometimes not working, or it slowing down the contractions and laboring, and also affecting recovery time. And it can even leave you so numb and unable to even feel how strong you are pushing that you could be pushing for hours! So I opted for the “no epidural” option. Because I wanted to try to be a badass 😉. But all kidding aside, any woman who has gone thru childbirth, whether it was natural or via c-section, they’re badass period.

Alright! Moving on! This blog post may be a bit lengthy so please bear with me.

Let’s start this timeline a few days prior to D-Day.

Thursday, June 25th


This date not only marked my 38th week, but also my last prenatal doc appointment (although I didn’t know it would be my last). I gained a whopping 4 pounds in the course of 2 weeks. Which brought me up to a total of 34 lbs gained. Well in between my target range of 25-35 lbs. Everything looked good. My vitals were good. Results from my last blood test were on point. Baby’s heartbeat was strong and my belly measurements were on track. My midwife examined me and confirmed I was already dilated 1 VM. Of course, that didn’t really indicate that I’d be going into labor soon, but knowing that I was already dilating was kind of exciting! And a little scary, too. But for some reason my midwife was hoping I’d deliver soon. And while I was kinda over being pregnant because of how uncomfortable it was to do anything… I was still fine with carrying Baby P till 40 weeks if at all possible. But my midwife had other plans for me. She wanted to jumpstart the process and did a membrane sweep during my pelvic exam – which was painful by the way. Not gonna sugar coat it. I didn’t know what she was doing till after the fact. Anyway she said it would release hormones (forgive me for not knowing the name for this hormone) that would aid in softening the cervix. She advised that I would have some spotting because of the sweep and not to be alarmed. And then even advised us (TMI ALERT) to go home and have intercourse. Because apparently, his hormones mixed with mine would work magic on that cervix! Yup. Just a little sex ed for us right there 😉.

Ok so that’s that.

Friday, June 26th

Knowing that I could go into labor any day kinda forced us to hurry up and get things done. Everything was all ready for Baby P’s arrival – laundry washed, dried, and put away, bassinet all assembled and ready for use, infant car seat installed in my tiny car… We were ready for her! All that was left was to finish packing up our hospital bags. So we spent this day running errands… And getting last minute things for our bags.

Saturday, June 27th

Hospital bags were packed and ready to go. Last thing we needed to take care of was buy snacks for the hubs… So that when I’m laboring at the hospital, he’d have some food to keep him energized. Because coaching a woman in labor is no joke and requires a lot! And taking a break to go down to the cafeteria was out of the question! There was no way he would be allowed to leave my side.

We also stocked up on coconut water. Best thing for hydration.

And I also put together a care package for the nurses that would be taking care of me during my labor.

And they loved it. They deserved it. They were awesome.

Ok so now that everything was all set and ready to go, we settled in for the evening with dinner and a Netflix movie. Yeah we are exciting people 😁. Pregnant lady was exhausted. We watched Transformers… The most recent one. The one with Mark Wahlburg. Yeah I don’t have my movie titles straight either. (Forgive me but I’m trying to write this while holding a sleeping newborn in my arms).

And little did I know that this would be the last night as just Peedens: Party of Two.

Stay tuned for Part 2…..

28 Weeks

And we are officially in the 3rd trimester! Just 12 more weeks till we meet our little princess.


28 weeks


28 week baby bump

What Is Up With Baby P This Week? (According to my Baby Center App)

  • She is the size of an eggplant
  • She weighs about 2.25lbs and measures about 14.8 inches from head to heels
  • And to add to an already impressive repertoire of tricks like coughing, sucking, hiccuping, and taking practice breaths, Baby P can now blink her eyes and may even be able to see the light that filters from the outside world into the womb
  • Her brain is developing neurons and continuing to gain more fat to fill in her cute lil body
  • Her sleep now includes REM (rapid eye movement) phase – which means she could be dreaming already!

What’s Been Happening With ME This Week?

I had a prenatal appointment this week for my 28th Week checkup:

  • Was cleared of gestational diabetes (wooohooo!)
  • Was ordered to get more blood work done to check my iron levels to see if I will be needing to take iron supplements in this last and final trimester
  • Was vaccinated for the whooping cough

And then it was time to hear Baby’s heartbeat… the favorite part of my doctor visits. But this time, it didn’t turn out to be as exciting as I had hoped. My midwife detected a bit of a murmur. As a precaution she referred me to a fetal specialist to see if it’s something serious. So the next day, I came back to NST for a screening. I was hooked up to the monitor and we listened for a good 15-20 minutes. Baby’s heartbeat remained strong and no arrhythmia was detected (whew!). But I still needed to get another complete ultrasound to check Baby’s heart. Anyway, long story short… the fetal specialist says Baby is absolutely PERFECT. She was moving around a lot, her heartbeat was steady and strong, and she is already approximately 2 lbs 12 oz. Wow. Yeah, nothing to worry about. She is healthy and so very active. No signs of distress. Yay! However, the doctor did tell me that I can no longer drink coffee, eat chocolate, or use cocoa butter for the rest of my pregnancy. *sigh* Totally worth it though.

Weight Gained: Ok so if we are going based off my very first prenatal appointment, I’ve gained a total of about 16 lbs. BUT! I was already like 10 weeks at my very first appointment and I’m not sure if I gained much in those 10 weeks. My last regular doc appointment prior to that was maybe about a month before I found out I was pregnant and I weighed in 6lbs less than that. (Hope you’re able to keep up hehe). So if we are going off of THAT weight… I’ve gained 22lbs this pregnancy so far. AND, I have to add, I ate like a pound of food for lunch right before my appointment AND I was wearing tennies. But hey… it is what it is. 16-22lbs gained. Doc says I’m on target…so that’s all that matters!

Workouts: okay, so not much. 2 days of walking around the neighborhood and 1 day of leg workouts – I know, I know… I am totally slackin’.


  • Lower back pain
  • Appearance of spider veins AND varicose veins on my legs
  • Slight nausea from chewing regular gum
  • Still tired
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom (and I’m talkin’ like every 15 minutes – or so it feels that way)

Food Aversions: Panda Express. The thought makes me gag. It’s been about a couple of months since I’ve had it but the last time I ate it, it grossed me out BIG time.

Food Cravings: Anything sweet!!!! Where in the world did this sweet tooth come from? Breakfast burritos, pancakes with lots and lots of syrup, fried rice, kalua pig (yeah that one was totally random), and slurpees. Totally had to get a slurpee right after my doctor appointment.


Sleep: And I finally gave in and got me a Snoogle Total Body Pillow.


My regular pillows just weren’t doin’ the job anymore. I’m just at the stage where I am just completely uncomfortable. And I have to say… the body pillow has actually helped. The only time I ever really get up during the night is to use the bathroom. So hey, totally worth it. And I will probably use it still postpartum, so that’s a plus.

Any Baby/Pregnany-Related Purchases? yeah…. see previous question and answer.

Stretch Marks? Nope! My midwife even complimented me on it after taking my belly measurements and said my belly looks PERFECT!

Miss Anything? Being able to wear whatever I want to wear! I love showing off the baby bump but I seriously don’t wanna have to buy more maternity clothes. The stuff I bought last week were non-maternity stuff that I can wear after Baby P is born but I need maternity tops. Going “larger” in size won’t work for me because I’m still small on top. Big tops don’t look flattering on me. *sigh*

Belly Button In or Out? It’s a little bit of an outtie! Just a little!

Wedding Rings On or Off? Still on! No swelling yet.

Happy or Moody Most of The Time? Mostly happy.

Any Movements? She never stops! She is one active Baby. She rolls, twists, turns, kicks, punches, and does somersaults in there. The feeling is amazing and I love it… but it definitely is something new! And now that I’m in my 3rd trimester, I need to monitor and keep track of these movements from here on out! Baby P needs to be moving/kicking/dancing/something at least 10 times in an hour.

Looking Forward To: Nesting. Believe it or not… we kinda nested at the beginning… made some room for baby. Sorted thru our stuff – looking to see what we needed and what we should get rid of. We got some hand-me-down clothes, toys, and gear from my sister-in-law that needs to be sorted thru and put away… yeah there’s a corner in our room full of baby stuff that’s just sitting in boxes and bags. So I’m hoping to go thru them really, really soon.

So that’s what’s been going on with Baby P and me this week. Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks prego and I am just blown away by how quickly these weeks are flying by! Before you know it, our little baby girl will be here and I cannot wait!

27 Weeks

It is THE last week of my 2nd trimester. OMG where has the time gone! I swear it feels like we have still a LONG way to go… Anyway, 27 weeks. Yikes!


What Is Up With Baby P This Week?

  • Baby P is the size of a cauliflower. She measures about 14.5-15 inches long and weighs a little over 2 lbs.
  • She is a thinner, redder, and more wrinkled version of what she will look like at birth but will be gaining fat in the coming weeks to fill out her appearance.
  • Her immune system is continuing to mature as her lungs are still practicing breathing amniotic fluid
  • She is sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing those little eyes, and perhaps even sucking on his or her fingers.
  • Her brain is also very active now
  • She is able to recognize my voice now!!! And I hope she loves to hear me sing at the top of my lungs (off-key) on the long drive home from work every day!

What’s Been Happening With ME This Week?

Went in to have my blood drawn on Friday. I went in to work late because I had to wait for the labs to open and they didn’t open till 8am. The doc ordered blood tests for a complete blood count and the much dreaded 1 hr glucose test. The glucose test tests for gestational diabetes. Whether or not your body is able to digest it well.


So this awesome drink has to be consumed within a 10-minute window. Then an hour after you’ve completely consumed the yucky stuff, your blood is drawn and then tested. My results posted online last night and I don’t have gestational diabetes. Yay! One less thing to worry about.

Weight Gained: Still don’t know. Will know on Wednesday though!

Workouts: We took a long walk around the entire community only one time this week. Yeah, I have been slacking BIG on my workouts at home. But in my defense, my job is VERY physical and I am almost NEVER sitting down. Only when I’m on my breaks. Or in a meeting or on a conference call. The rest of the time, I’m running around my store working on project after project after project.

Symptoms: A little back pain and some minor cramping in my lower abdomen from running around and being on my feet all day at work. So I’ve had to take little breaks here and there to rest and remind myself that I am not SuperWoman. And sitting for long periods of time, like for example my drive home from work, is just so dang uncomfortable and my back just kills me by the time I get home from work.

Food Aversions: None this week.

Food Cravings: Starbucks’ cinnamon swirl coffee cake. I just couldn’t help myself.

Sleep: Still getting up to use the restroom 2-3 times during the night. And then not being able to fall asleep right away. Leaves me super tired the rest of my day. Story of my life.

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases? Almost bought more baby stuff. One of the merchandisers at work told me that there were a bunch of markdowns in the newborn/infant section of the Kids Department. I purposely avoided those clearance racks on my daily floor checks. But I did treat myself to a couple of new maxi dresses and a few bottoms to accommodate and show off the growing belly. And the best part of it is, all of these new additions to my wardrobe can and will be used post pregnancy.

Stretch Marks: Nada! But the belly has been starting to itch in certain areas. And I am doing my best not to scratch!

Miss Anything?: Yes. I miss having energy. As previously mentioned, my job is physical. And to do what I do with little to no energy is just plain difficult.

Belly Button In or Out? Never thought this could happen because my belly button pre-pregnancy is a deep innie…but I think I am borderline outtie! Like it’s almost there but not quite. Maybe in another week? IDK. We’ll see.

Wedding Rings On or Off? Still on! I’m happy about that.

Happy or Moody Most Of The Time? Happy. Baby bump is continuing to get attention and I’m totally lovin’ it.

Any Movements? She moves a lot. Especially after I eat. And during rush hour traffic. Yeah I don’t think she enjoys my road rage much.

Looking Forward To: My doc appointment this week. Not sure if I’ll be getting to see baby but I know I will be hearing her heartbeat. And I can never get tired of hearing that.