14 Day Challenge – Day 4 (Thursday’s Workout)

I hope I haven’t confused anyone. Today (Wednesday) is only Day 3. BUT… I’m posting the following workouts for tomorrow Day 4. Days 1-3 are up on my previous posts, so if ya wanna join me, it’s not too late!!! 🙂

Okay, so I’m going to reiterate my reasons for doing this 14-Day Challenge. It’s for me to get myself back on track with eating clean and working out. That’s it. And it’s for 14 days straight. No days off. Strict clean eating. Intense workouts. I’m not satisfied with my progress, so I’m just trying to up the intensity with my workouts to see what kind of results I will get. Once the 14 days are over, it doesn’t mean I stop everything and go pig out on food and slack off on my workouts or anything like that. It just means that I can kinda lessen the intensity of my workouts on some days. And not be so strict on what I’m eating… but still eating clean. Which can include taking a day or 2 “rest” days from working out. In my book, it usually just means no gym, but going out for a run or something.

So what do I have planned for tomorrow? I don’t know if I’m going to the gym tomorrow. I think I may just do a workout here at home.

My dose of cardio:

Then this one:

And another one:

And then finally ending it with my usual 100 decline situps and 100 pushups (4 sets of 25)



Just keepin’ it simple!!!



LOVE Forever21

Today I did a little shopping for some new active wear. I’ve been putting it off because, in all honesty, I don’t want to keep spending money on clothes if I’m going to continue to shrink. I’m in desperate need of some new running shorts, new workout pants/capris, new yoga pants (the ones I have are SUPER huge on me), and most importantly new sports bras. I really thought I could get away with just wearing camisoles under my tank tops to workout, but I was informed by my personal trainer (AKA the hubster) that I need to wear a sports bra. Yes…a man lectured me on that. Why? Well, because for one (the most obvious) is to prevent sagging (TMI, I know. SORRY!!!) My argument to that was simply “I don’t have any boobs.” His response “Doesn’t matter.” And secondly, I guess while I was doing some workouts that required me to be on all fours (like push-ups or planks), he said I flashed him a couple of times. Wow. I mean, come on…really? That made me laugh…but then it also made me a little self-conscious. So today, while we were out and about running errands, we stopped in at one of my favorite “go-to” stores Forever21

*cheesy lame excuse of a banner, but whatever 😛 *


I gotta say… this store has come a long way from what it used to be 10+ years ago. They have some cute stuff!!! And, I’m not gonna lie, I needed to get somethin’ inexpensive. Yeah, kinda have to be frugal for a little while. We kinda spent a little too much in Hawaii if ya know what I mean.

The great thing about Forever21’s active wear line is that, it’s not expensive at all. They have a pretty decent collection of colors and styles to choose from. And I was pretty happy with most of what I tried on. I don’t have a lot going on in the boobage area so it’s not like I had to be picky with finding something with lots of support. I actually needed somethin’ with lots of padding so that I don’t look flat-chested. Anyway! Moving on.


Here’s what I walked out of the store with…

These, I believe were $9.80.


And these…


Cost: $12.80

These have extra padding in ’em. Yup… happy about that.


Totally LOVE their active wear line.

Simple. Colorful. Stylish. Just plain awesome.




On a side note. I didn’t get a chance to go to the gym today after running errands. I had intended to go… but I fell asleep. Power nap. And I almost convinced myself to take the day off. Almost. But when I realized that I’m going to a family BBQ tomorrow and wasn’t sure when I’d actually find the time to get a good workout in, so I decided to do a GOOD cardio workout tonight.


*did this 3x and YES it kicked my booty*


And this is me post-workout.

Glowing. Haha. More like sweaty and gross!

Dork status, right?

And yes, that’s me sportin’ the new bra!

Shorts are a lil too big – had to fold ’em over… which only means I have an excuse to buy me some new ones!

Will definitely be going on a shopping spree soon.


Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day Weekend!!!