One Day

One day I’ll have my abs back. I have not been to the gym in ages. Been working out 2-3 times a week in my garage. And been slacking on the healthy eats. My days start off healthy… But ends with stuff that’s not so healthy. Not everyday… Mostly on weekends. That’s not good.

So my excuses this time are as follows: 1) working overtime the past 4 weeks, 2) busy with some personal life issues that needed my undivided attention, and 3) I just did NOT want to do a damn thing. And I’m thinking Daylight Savings may be another excuse, I dunno.

This is the last week of overtime for me. 6-day work weeks, up to 10-hr days…and my body is just EXHAUSTED. So I am determined to get my butt to the gym next week. Ima go H.A.M with those weights. Just you wait and see. I can’t let all my hard work go down the drain. 😛

We’ll see how it all goes.