33 Weeks

33 Weeks and counting!!!!


What Is Baby P Up To This Week

  • This week Baby P is the size of a pineapple weighing a little over 4 lbs. and has passed the 17-inch mark
  • She is rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look
  • Her skeleton is hardening. The bones in the skull aren’t fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap to make it easier for her to fit through the birth canal. These bones don’t entirely fuse until early adulthood so they can grow as Baby P’s brain and other tissues expand during infancy and childhood.

What’s Been Happening With ME This Week

Weight Gained: Well… we won’t know till I go in for my next prenatal appointment at my 36-week mark. I am almost positive I’ve gained some… how much? I don’t know. I know the belly is growing. I know I’m looking more and more like a chipmunk. And I know I’ve been snacking on sweets a little more than I would like to be… but I don’t have the self-control I once had when it came to junk food.

Workouts: I’m seriously gonna try my hardest to get some strength training in this coming week! I promise! 😉


  • Chubby cheeks!!!! Haha
  • Waddle, waddle, waddle… no more sexy fashion week catwalk for me
  • Aches and pains from the waist down to my toes
  • Um… getting in and out of pants is starting to become a pain…. yes the belly is that big now
  • Constant bathroom trips
  • Tired and sleepy
  • Breathless when walking and talking, walking up and down stairs…
  • Oh! and there were a couple of times at night where I’d get mild leg cramps in my left calf when I’m sleeping. Those are a pain to deal with.

Food Aversions: Let’s just say that this last trimester has been good to me. No food aversions.

Food Cravings: What can I say? I LOVE food. I had a craving for soda a couple of times last week. Hubby thinks my body was just craving sugar. Um… Baby P has been craving lots of sugar lately.

Sleep: Still can’t complain. I wish I could get more sleep, but that’s all my fault. I don’t go to bed as early as I should. But I plan to take advantage of any sleep I can get on the weekends and once I’m on maternity leave.

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? No purchases made by me but I did receive an early baby shower gift from my favorite sister in the whole wide world!!!! I totally forgot to put it in my last blog post, since I actually received it in that week. But whatevs. Anyway, here it is! Tada!!!



I’ve always liked JuJuBe and LOVED the one my sister got for her baby shower a couple of years ago or so and when I told her how cute her bag was, she decided to get me one. And I LOVE it!!!

Stretch Marks? Nada on the belly. But some on my buttocks – which I’ve had way before pregnancy so maybe I shouldn’t really count those.

Miss Anything? Yeah… not having limitations! I miss coffee, I miss chocolate… I miss getting to climb up on things at work to get the work done… I miss not having to rely on people to help me complete the simplest task at work.

Belly Button In or Out? Little bit of an outtie. Like the top part of it can be seen through my shirt.

Wedding Rings On or Off? Still on!!! And I really hope I do not get puffy at all.

Happy or Moody Most of the Time? Happy as can be. I love thinking about Baby P. I love the way my husband looks at me and takes cares of me. Totally gonna sound cheesy right now, but life is just flippin’ awesome.

Any Movements? Yup. She’s an active little thing. Sometimes it feels like she never sleeps these days. When I wake up to go to the bathroom, she’s still moving around. Or maybe she moves and stretches a lot while she’s sleeping. Who knows. But I love knowing that she’s in there.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Maybe this isn’t quite so fun and interesting… but I think it’s worthy to mention because it me feel good. As you can see, my belly is getting bigger and bigger by the day. And as much as I love my unborn baby to death and I love this entire experience… occasionally I get overwhelmed by how I’m looking these days. Sometimes I don’t feel as cute with this watermelon of a belly. Sometimes I just feel huge. Anyway, the hubs and I went to the mall on Saturday to see if I could find anything new that I thought I’d look cute in for this upcoming weekend’s festivities. We were standing in Starbucks waiting for the hub’s drink… when a random lady, who had just finished ordering her drink, came up to me and said “Aren’t you just the cutest pregnant woman ever! I wish I looked like that when I was pregnant with my kids!” You have no idea how good that made me feel. I smiled from ear to ear and thanked the woman. She totally made my day.

Looking Forward To: Two pretty big events is scheduled to happen in my 34th week. The first: a maternity photo shoot. I get to show off my baby bump for the camera :-). Super exciting right? I’m all about capturing the precious moments in life and I can’t wait!. And the second: Our baby shower!!!! It’ll be on Saturday May, 30th. It’s a pretty big one and probably the only one we’ll have so I’m pretty stoked. I can’t wait to see everyone, hang out with every one, and just celebrate our little bundle of joy. And then I can’t wait to start prepping for Baby P’s arrival – doing her laundry and just getting her stuff ready. Soooo exciting!


32 Weeks

Whoa. 8 more weeks left. I remember when I was only 8 weeks prego and thinking I dunno if I can wait till July. And here we are… 8 weeks left. Wowza. In about 5-8 weeks (maybe longer) I will officially be someone’s mommy. And that thought just makes me smile.

So here we go… 32 week baby bump…

32 weeks 002

Now hold up. I don’t think you know how big the belly has grown…


32 weeks 001

32 weeks


A couple of weeks ago it was a basketball. This week it’s a watermelon 😉


What Is Baby P Up To This Week

  • Baby P is now the size of a jicama!!! (Yeah, go ahead and google it. I know I had to:-P)
  • She weights about 3.75lbs and measures approximately 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in my uterus.
  • I’m gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of it goes right to Baby – in fact, Baby P will gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb.
  • Baby P now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair.
  • Her skin is becoming soft and smooth as she plumps up in preparation for birth

What’s Been Happening With Me This Week

Weight Gained: Hoping not more than I’m supposed to. But I have no clue. I don’t keep track at home. I am doing my best to eat as healthy as possible so that I only gain what I need to.

Workouts: No comment. 😛


  • Aches all throughout the body – lower back ache, aches in the ribs, aches in the legs… I never realized all this extra weight would wear me out the way it has.
  • I’m starting to waddle!!!! Yup, especially when I’ve been running around at work all day.
  • Still exhausted. Still get breathless when walking short distances. Still unable to enjoy eating my normal sized meal without feeling like I ate a cow. I’m just a hot mess.
  • Trips to the potty have increased tremendously during the night AND during the day. And if that’s not enough, right after I’m done peeing (TMI but who cares), I feel like I still have to go.

Food Aversions: Not a one.

Food Cravings: Cheetos. Chocolate everything. Watermelon. Pineapple. Any and everything.

Sleep: Pretty good. With the exception of having to get up to pee, I’m sleeping like a baby the rest of time. Laying on my left side wasn’t so great in the beginning but now it’s not so bad. Especially with my body pillow.

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? It was only a matter of time before I splurged on Baby P before the baby shower. Another Baby Sale started in my store this week and I just could not stay away from the Baby department.



Too Freaking ADORABLE!!!

Stretch Marks? Nope! And I hope it stays that way!!!

Miss Anything? Eating like a pig and being able to enjoy eating like a pig. Haha.

Belly Button In or Out? No longer an innie. Not exactly an outtie. All you see is the dark spot where my belly button should be. That and the scar from my belly button ring I had years ago.

Wedding Rings On or Off? Still on!!!!

**So I just realized that the next 2 questions were accidentally left out on my last post and I totally didn’t realize it till now.**

Happy or Moody Most of the Time? Definitely HAPPY. Yes I get irritable, but cut me some slack. I’m only human. But I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I look forward to seeing my baby girl.

Any Movements? She never stops! No, wait, I take that back. She moves all throughout the day. Morning, noon, on my drive home (especially on my drive home), all the way up until it’s time to count kicks before my bedtime. And then she’ll stop. It’s like she’s laughing at me from the inside. Already playing jokes on her mama. For the most part, she cooperates. But I guess my hot shower puts her right to sleep.

Looking Forward To: Enjoying every bit of the last 8 weeks. Baby shower. Shopping. Going on maternity leave. Feeling her every move. Nesting. ALL of it.

31 Weeks

Previous Pregnancy Updates:

Which brings us to the completion of my 31 weeks of pregnancy 🙂 The time is just whizzing by and I’m just hanging in there! I’m nervous and anxious to meet my little one… enjoying the pregnancy and putting up with the annoyances of being uncomfortable in this last trimester. Everyone said I’ll be wanting this baby out as I get closer to my due date, that by the time I have to deliver Baby P, I won’t be thinking about the pain of labor and all the scary stuff that comes with it.

Anyway, here I am at 31 weeks! It seems the belly has grown quite a bit since my last update pic…

31 weeks

31 weeks (2)

…And that belly will just get bigger and bigger as it gets closer to my due date.

What Is Baby P Up To This Week?

  • Baby P is about the size of a coconut, weighs approximately 3.3 lbs and measures over 16 inches long…and is heading into a growth spurt (Um, I think she already did!)
  • She can turn her head from side to side, and her arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath the skin.
  • Her kicks and somersaults may be keeping me up all night – but that just means Baby P is active and healthy!
  • Baby’s brain connections are developing, too! She is now processing information, tracking light, and perceiving signals from all 5 sense.
  • She’s also putting in longer stretches of sleep – with noticeable patterns of wakefulness and rest.

What’s Been Happening With Me This Week?

Weight Gained: So I had my doctor appointment at the very end of the 31 week mark. According to their scale, I’ve gained about 4 lbs since my last visit. So we’re lookin’ at 26 lbs total gained so far. And I’m right on track! Yay!

Workouts: I have failed miserably at this once again. No strength training. At. All. But, lots of and lots of walking still. At work. Life of a retail manager means busy, busy, busy. I’m hoping to see if I can get some strength training in from now till Baby P arrives to help with endurance since I will need it for  labor and delivery!


  • lower back pain (still)
  • extreme exhaustion
  • I get totally winded walking short distances and have to stop to catch my breath. Even walking and talking takes a lot out of me.
  • Baby P continues to hang out in my right rib and it gets pretty uncomfortable when driving home from work
  • Frequent trips to the potty day and night
  • Feeling hungry all the time but unable to eat my normal portions of food because duh, there is no room in this belly

Food Aversions: None. Perhaps that phase of pregnancy is over. I dunno. We’ll see.

Food Cravings: Any and everything coffee and chocolate! Haha. Okay so a couple of days last week, we had some chilly temps roll through SoCal and I craved some pho. Just soup in general. Only thing is, I couldn’t have any. By choice. Soup would just make me feel full and miserable. So that kinda sucked. But I got over it real quick when the temperatures got hot again.

Sleep: Surprisingly enough… pretty comfortable sleep. Not enough sleep though. And that’s because I don’t go to bed early enough. So I’m averaging 6 hours of sleep a night during the weeks. And even with the frequent bathroom trips, I’m still able to go right back to sleep and just knock out till the next potty trip or when i have to get up for work. So yeah… no complaints here.

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? No, but that could all change soon coz I’m itchin’ to buy some clothes for Baby P. I’ve been seeing some cute clothes….

Stretch Marks? Thankfully enough, nada! Since I’ve stopped using cocoa butter, I’ve just been using my regular lotion and then after taking my shower at night, I’d rub my belly with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to keep my skin moist and prevent dry skin. The only spots that itch, if ever, is my belly button. And whenever that happens, i just rub some lotion on the area and it kinda helps.

Miss Anything? I miss my normal unpregnant body. Don’t get me wrong… that doesn’t mean I don’t like being pregnant! I know some of you will take that comment in a negative way. But the idea of having limitations and restrictions, especially at work… where I’m used to being Superwoman… it’s kinda hard to deal with. I love being pregnant with Baby P. But I really do miss being able to just walk up the stairs without feeling like I’m going to pass out. And I am pretty sure once Baby P is here… I will say “I miss being pregnant and I miss my pregnant belly”. But for now…that is my answer.

Belly Button In or Out? It is no longer an innie.

Looking Forward To: The weekend. We have a baby shower to go to for a good friend who is due in the beginning of June…not long before me! So it’ll be nice to celebrate and spoil her little girl and be able to grub on some good food! 🙂 And dessert. Looking forward to some cake. Mmmmmm.

30 Weeks

30 weeks down, 10 more to go!

30 weeks

30 weeks (2)

10 weeks ago, I looked like this….

20 weeks


And at 10 weeks prego…

10 weeks

WOW. Seeing the progression of my pregnancy through pictures and knowing that I am growing a little tiny human being is just so crazy to me. A good crazy. Like amazingly crazy. Miraculous. I have heard women say it but of course, I couldn’t truly understand the feeling until I’ve experienced it myself. And I’m so lucky I’ve been blessed with this opportunity… and I’m lovin’ every minute of this process.

What Is Baby P Up To This Week?

  • She is roughly 15.7 inches long and weighs almost 3lbs – which is about the size of a head of cabbage.
  • A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds her, but that volume will shrink as she gets bigger and takes up more room in my uterus.
  • Her eyesight is continuing to develop, though it’s not very keen. After birth she will keep those little eyes of hers closed for a good part of the day and will respond to changes in light.


What’s Been Happening With Me This Week?

Weight Gained: Well… I feel like I’ve gained a ton. I feel like an elephant… and occasionally I waddle like a duck. But honestly, I don’t know. I will know in a couple of weeks when I go for my monthly checkup. I’m just hoping for healthy weight gain.

Workouts: Just walking a million miles a day at work. Hubby was sick with a stomach bug all week so I spent my free time nursing him back to health… so no workouts at all this week.


  • An aching lower back
  • Some hip and leg pain from sleeping on my side all night long (not all the time but maybe one or two nights this week)
  • No room for food. Yup… Baby is taking up too much room in my belly and I have to lessen my food portions even more.
  • Baby P loves to push up into my ribs on my right side which makes sitting or laying down very uncomfortable. And nothing I do relieves that pain.
  • And then, of course, I’m just tired ALL THE TIME.

Food Aversions: None!

Food Cravings: Frozen yogurt, chocolate, and coffee.

Sleep: Surprisingly enough, so much better because of the body pillow. But still getting up every hour to pee. *sigh*

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? Nope. I’ve been good so far. I’ve done a lot of window shopping for Baby P but no purchases yet. Waiting till after the baby shower to do some major damage.

Stretch Marks? None so far and I am so grateful. Using lotion and olive oil. Since I can’t use cocoa butter. And most stretch creams contain cocoa butter or cocoa in it. Totally hoping I stay stretch mark free till Baby P arrives!!!

Miss Anything? Being able to wear whatever I want. I’m seeing all these cute clothes I’d love to sport this summer but I can’t. Not yet anyway. I know I will eventually be able to… but for not, it’s all about comfort and trying to be fashionable at the same time. I’ve actually been wearing yoga pants to work. Yup… don’t judge me.

Belly Button In or Out? I have an outtie!!!!

Wedding Rings On or Off? My wedding rings are definitely still on. No swelling.

Happy or Moody Most of the Time? For the most part, I’m happy as can be. Still “glowing”, everyone says. But I did have a moment of insanity when, on Monday on my way home from work, the hubby tells me over the phone that he doesn’t feel well and wanted to throw up. And then when I came home, I heard he had been throwing up since I got off the phone with him. My poor hubby. I got mad at him like it was his fault that someone gave him the stomach bug. I just didn’t wanna end up getting what he had… my doctor had warned me at my last appointment that a stomach bug was going around and being pregnant, I’d be more susceptible to getting sick because pregnancy weakens the immune system. But thank God I didn’t get sick… and I apologized to the hubby for blaming him.

Any Movements? She is quite the busy bee. She loves to kick, roll, dance… every part of the day. And it makes me smile to feel her… and at night, I love to watch her move. It’s such an amazing feeling.

Looking Forward To: My baby shower. My sister worked on the invitations and sent them out… and my sisters-in-law have been planning it all out. I can’t wait to spend time with friends and family and just celebrate this awesome occasion.